The importance of planning for success

I think the difference in being successful vs the many failed attempts at changing into a healthier person has definitely been the planning I put into my meals, snacks and workouts.

When we start a change, it is easy to come up with a million reasons why NOT to do what we need to do. Like, a I couldn’t find my workout shorts or socks, or I didn’t have a healthy snack so I had to eat what was available like that bag of chips or candy bar. Also, not having a workout plan makes it a lot easier to skip it.

What really worked for me was making sure I had some healthier options for snacks available at home and at work. Things like the snack sized bags of almonds, an apple sitting around made it much more likely that I would choose that option over something less nutritious. Plan your meals out at least a few days in advance and don’t leave it to circumstance because in our busy world those fast food options that are loaded with calories and saturated fat are very tempting. Even if you know your going out try to have an idea what your going to eat ahead of time, chances are that there is an online menu available.

Also, I ensure always do a check and make sure I know where my earbuds and phone armband are before going to bed. This eliminates the excuse of not having them. Another tactic is to lay out your clothes you will use as well.

I use Sunday afternoon to write down my workout plan for the week. Write down each run and total miles planned as well as each exercise I will use in resistance training including the number of reps and sets.

This may seem like a lot of work at first. And yes it may take away from some time doing things that may seem more fun, but if you want to reach your goals, it’s worth the sacrifice.

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